Saturday, October 25, 2008

My First Broken Bone...

Wow...this week has been very eventful in the LaRavia home! On Monday, I received a call from the school nurse telling me that Sarah had fallen off the monkey bars and hurt her arm. As you can tell by her bright pink cast, she broke her left distal radius. She will have to wear the cast for four weeks. At first she was very excited to have the cast and have everyone sign it, but now the reality of it has set in and it is now uncomfortable and itches all the time! At least it was her left arm and not her dominate right arm!!
Early Wednesday morning, I came down with a stomach virus and threw up all hours of the morning! I spiked a 103 fever and laid in bed for two days. Thankfully, Lee was able to take care of the kids. I was able to go back to work on Friday but still very weak. Still recovering!!
On Sunday evening, Lee leaves again for more rotations out of town. He will be in Columbus, Ga for four weeks doing general surgery, then goes to Rome, Ga for peds, and then does his psych rotation--not yet sure of the location yet, but out of town. Not really looking forward to 12 weeks of being a single mom again. Keep us in your prayers.