Saturday, December 13, 2008


Today we had Christmas pictures made of the kids. Too cute!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Program

Tonight was the children's Christmas program at church. As you can tell, Sarah was an angel. We sat in the back just in case Ben started talking too much! No problems there...the thumb stayed in the mouth the whole time!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Catching Up

Haven't written in a long time! Things get in such a routine around here. Well, maybe I should say that I get in to such a routine around here and have not stopped to take the time to post any news. I will try to keep it short. And not wait so long to post again!!
At school, Sarah was chosen to take Bobby Bear home with her for the weekend. Bobby Bear is the class mascot and based on behavior, each child is chosen to care for Bobby Bear for a weekend. He must go everywhere with you and do everything with you. Sarah was sooo excited when Ms. Hunter called out her name. Each week when she would come home without Bobby Bear, she would tell me, "Mom, I could see Bobby Bear looking at me and he wanted to choose me. Maybe next week he will want to go home with me." !!! How cute. I was relieved to see Bobby Bear in Sarah's arms when I picked her up at daycare...She has about 15 students in her class and it was only week 12 of the school year. Remember that it is based on conduct!! Whew, at least it was not week 15!!! :)
Halloween passed quickly for us this year. Sarah was once again an LSU cheerleader. She will probably be this again next year because the outfit is still a little too big for her!! She said, "Not again, Mom. I was this last year." If she only knew about next year, right!! We are hoping for a better season for the tigers next year, too. Ben stayed in this year since he was not feeling well.

4 weeks passed quickly and the cast is now off. No problems! Sarah was so brave when they started sawing it off. I was the one cringing when I saw the blade! The xrays showed that she actually broke the other bone in her wrist, as well. We have to go back for xrays in May since the breaks were close to the growth plate.
My parents came for the Thanksgiving holiday. They were such a huge help to me with the kids and the house! I miss them so much! We actually went out to eat for Thanksgiving at the Golden dad's favorite place to eat when he comes out here!! The night before, Mom and I were discussing the menu and our plans for cooking when Dad suggested that we let somebody else cook and clean!!! At first we felt guilty but that passed quickly!! For the first time in a long time, we were able to enjoy our family without all of the hustle and bustle. The following day, Mom and I braved Black Friday and had a great time together hunting for the bargains just the two of us.

We put up our Christmas tree during the Thanksgiving weekend. Sarah and I had a lot of fun talking about each ornament as we hung it on the tree. (Dad was glued to the football games! We were lucky to get the Christmas decorations out of the attic!) We even attempted decorating a gingerbread house. Ok...never again in the LaRavia household. It might work at your home, but it almost caused a divorce here!! :) With two type A personalities and icing that is not thick enough, our house had runny windows and doors! Dad had to get up from the table because it was upsetting him so much!! Sarah was not concerned at all, she just continued to eat all the candy that came packaged with the house!!
And not to leave Ben out.....Each day daycare sends a note home informing us of the whens/whats/etc of Ben's day. Yesterday, our note stated, "Please bring more food." I felt like Mother of the Year! He is 8 months old and weighing in at 23 or so pounds, in 18 mth pajamas!! Since I am making his food, it is a little more difficult to judge the amount that he 'should' be eating. So today I packed a mid morning snack, a hefty lunch, an afternoon snack, and his regular 3 bottles. He ate all of it, only having 3 oz left in one bottle! WOW :) Can you tell he likes to eat!