Sunday, June 14, 2009

Water Logged

This weekend we went swimming at my cousin's house in Alpharetta and had a blast. They have such a beautiful pool. Sarah practiced and practiced her swimming skills. Even Ben loved it!! He liked for Lee to throw him up in the air and then he would go under. He would pop his head back up just grinning and laughing! They swam so hard that I thought that I would never get them full afterwards!! Both just kept eating and eating!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Finally Updating!! it has been awhile since the last post...sorry! Just having fun with the fam. We have been very busy. On Easter break, the kids and I went to LA. Dad did not get off so we went without him. Our friends Antonio and Juliana with their kids Violet and Gabi made the trip with us. All seven of us crammed in a mini van for 10!!! But we all had fun!! The kids had a great time visiting Grandma and Grandpa.
Then it was the end of school---Sarah's first year flew by. It was amazing to see her advancements in reading and math!! She enjoyed kindergarten but is glad to be out for the summer. She is going to the Methodist Church's Summer Camp again this year and is so excited! Juliana will keep Ben.

We just got back from Myrtle Beach! We--my mom, dad, sister and her two boys, me and my two husbands, except for my dad!!! Lee was cramming for Step 2 Boards and Brian had to work. We still had fun in the sun without them! Hopefully we have started a family tradition of taking a vacation together. The kids loved it!!! And the adults survived, too!!!

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers....Lee starts 'The Tour de Lee' in July with 4 wk rotations starting in St. Louis, MO then hopefully Augusta at the Medical College of GA in August (home on weekends!!!!), then to Michigan and possibly Ohio. He is still uncertain where he goes October through December, but most likely the rotations will be out of town. I am just really nervous about Daddy's Little Girl, Sarah. She did not handle it very well when Lee had to do some rotations out of town but came home on the weekend. These rotations will be a little tougher on the fam!!

Until next time...I will try to do better with the posting!!!