Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Usually this is Lee's job....but since he is not home much, I had to do the duty this year. We have stopped by Aldi twice awaiting the new shipment of pumpkins and just found out that they are not getting any more this season. What a bummer! So instead of the $2.49 price at Aldi, I was forced to stop at Publix and pay over $5 for our chosen pumpkin. It pays to shop early, right! Sarah picked out our template online and the garage became the place of our masterpiece. Ok...Sarah was more interested in playing with the 'guts' and Ben could have cared less---he was playing like the janitor and sweeping with the broom. We all were quiet impressed with the results of our jack-o-lantern. Hope dad agrees!
Had to post this pic of Ben grabbing the cat's tail....notice how fast Shadow is moving!!! HaHa!! Poor kitty!

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