Saturday, May 1, 2010


I am still excited about completing my first half marathon. I had so much fun!! Dedie and I left Thursday night and stopped about half way there. After sleeping late due to no kids and eating lots of carbs at Waffle House, we ventured on our way. Lee and Greg picked the kids up from school at lunch and drove to meet us...imagine two guys and five kids in one car!!! After picking up our packets at the Expo Center, we all met for the Inspiration Dinner sponsored by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The weather was gloomy...severe thunderstorms forecasted.
Then the real FUN began---Yes, Dedie, my alarm is set for 4 a.m. I promise to wake you!!

This is the gang I trained with on our long runs every Saturday!! GO TEAM!!

Awaiting our bus to take us to the starting area. We had two trash bags to sit on and the other to wear to keep us warm!!

Awaiting the!

Prior to the rain!!! Over 30, 000 people are awaiting the start!! Music was everywhere...a live band played at every mile!

Probably around mile 9 or so...the clouds are very dark!!! Little did we know that tornadoes were all around!! Ok...we made it to mile 10!!! Anything after this is new territory. Did not train past 10!!

Approaching 11 mile marker...Yeah! Just a little bit more. By this point, we can't feel our legs!!

And...the 12 mile marker---we know, we could have shaved off some time by not posing for pictures, but we needed proof of completion!! :o) Who cares about the time...we FINISHED ALIVE AND WELL!!
We made it...I am just a bit emotional at this point!!! I couldn't help but cry! Thinking about how hard we trained and being a part of such wonderful team for a GREAT cause...WOW!!

The real reason...thank you, Laura! It has been a pleasure raising money and running in your honor!!! May God continue to bless you!!!
I even got a medal!!!
On the way back to the hotel...about to STORM!! We later find out that the marathoners were diverted at mile 20 and did not get to complete the full 26 miles due to the weather. :o( How upsetting to train for this and not get to complete it!!!

What a life changing experience!!!

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